Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech_Republic Based on Travel December 2014



Find a retailer and grab a prepaid SIM for O2


Super duper easy

Providers and Networks:

O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile

All providers GSM 850/900/1800/1900/2100
World Phone Compatible


The highest consumption of beer in the world

Almost untouched from WWII, the beautiful city of Prague is full of bridges, cathedrals, cobblestoned streets, walled courtyards and a 9th century castle! There is also a vibrant music and art scene. Oh, and they drink a ton of beer. Delicious beer. Cheap beer ($1-2USD/500mL). Not a surprise that the city has become a popular tourist destination for foreigners and Europeans alike. From what I hear, the city is over run with young Danish people during their “Week 8” winter holiday in February, so you are aware.

Getting in and around Prague is nice and easy. Transit is available, but most of the tourist sights are within easy walking distance of the “Old City” and this is the preferred way to see it anyhow as the street of Prague are beautiful in themselves. You may, more probably will, get lost at some point as there isn’t a straight section of road to be found. Add a bunch of side streets, alleys and passageways and all of a sudden instead of going North to the river, you are back and the square you started in with a confused “How the ****??” look on your face. Having a maps application on your phone with the city cached is a definite recommendation to reduce your frustration.

The communications network in the Czech Republic is like most of Europe in that it is quite modern and fast. Most places you will go to eat/drink/stay will have free WiFi that you can easily access.  With how cheap and easy it is to access a cell network though, it’s almost not worth the time of asking for the wifi password. Plus, as mentioned, you will get lost trying to find the restaurant and a map on the go is great.


St. Vitus Cathedral inside Prague Castle

Companies and Coverage:

There are three major providers in the Czech Republic: O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile. There are also a few smaller operators (COOP, Tesco), and they roam on on of the three major’s networks. O2 has the largest network and coverage, followed by T-Mobile then Vodafone.  My recommendation is to go with O2, but you can’t go wrong with any of the three majors as their pricing ends up begin very competitive. The pricing seems to change regularly, so your best bet is to ask the representative in the store. This was honestly the easiest SIM purchase so far in my travels, about 3 minutes total time. I walked into an O2 store, asked for prepaid, the service rep provided proper SIM size and pricing options, stated how much data I wanted, paid and walked out. I paid for the 150 CZK ($7CAD) SIM. The pricing plans for data (with pay-as-you-go text and calling) were as follows (subject to change):

  • 50 MB in 7 days for CZK 50
  • 375 MB in 7 days for CZK 90
  • 3 GB in 30 days for CZK 550
  • 10 GB in 30 days for CZK 800

For updated tariffs please visit the associated websites (but again, I recommend just finding a store and asking):



T-Mobile (prepaid service is called Twist)

Old City Square


I chose the 375MB option which came off my credit. I ended up toping up with an additional 25MB for 25CZK on the last day, which was as easy as clicking a link (provided to you by text), selecting a drop down, and selecting OK. Coverage was good, even outside of Prague, but sometimes sketchy inside some buildings, most likely due to them being large and made of stone… The service rep at O2 was very helpful and spoke perfect english.