In short, anywhere we’ve been, we’ll tell you the simplest way we’ve found to procure a prepaid sim card, with data that will work in your unlocked GSM phone (or tablet) and keep you connected wherever you are.

Anywhere we haven’t been, there’s a stub page available with a comments section for helpful tips from fellow travellers.  Check out the home page for a map and country list.  Or check out the blog page for our most recent articles.


In Detail:

Our main authors like to think of themselves as world travellers, but despite our use of USD for currency as a reference, western Canada is our home. However, we still using the metric system when needed.  We can only go so far. The idea behind this site was to provide specific information, in English, for getting connected around the world as simply as possible, without having to pay ludicrous roaming fees to your home carrier.

Hopefully, this site will be obsolete someday in the future, not for lack of updated information (we’ll do our best) but for new roaming solutions.  Take a look at our articles on Knowroaming and Prepaid sim card options for current multi-country solutions. As it stands, though, it’s very unlikely that your most inexpensive option, by a substantial margin, will not be obtaining a local carrier sim card.  For long term travel, if that is what you’re into, it doesn’t make much sense to use your home carrier, and if you frequently visit a specific country it can be very economical to obtain a local sim card.

Now obviously, you don’t need to travel with your cellphone, but it can me damned convenient.  More so, now, for reliable access to the internet, be it for booking travel and accommodations, communicating with friends  and family near and far away, or for business while travelling.  Data rates worldwide vary (vastly), but in many cases it can be very economical, and much more reliable, to access the internet over modern cellphone networks than to rely on being near to, and the quality of, local wi-fi.

Need a Sim is a blog and comment based information repository.  Where possible our main authors, or guest authors will write a post detailing specifics for a given country, including carriers, rates, locations and the simplest method we have found for getting connected, generally purchasing a pre-paid sim card from a specific local carrier.  We’re always looking for guest authors.  If you would like to write about a country you are familiar with please contact us!  Or hey, use it as an excuse to go somewhere new! Alternatively write the information in the comments for the existing page.


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